Wedding Trends

Keep The Bouquet…Or Toss It?

After the bouquet toss, when your lucky female guest catches your bouquet of flowers, then proceeds to give it back to you so you can keep it after the wedding, many brides are scratching their heads as to what exactly to do with it or how to preserve it. Because it's so symbolic of the day, bouquets are usually hung ...


Will You Marry Me?

Nowadays it's not just about having a beautiful wedding story to tell, but also having a beautiful wedding PROPOSAL story as well! Men everywhere seem to be setting the bar very high these days with their romantic, creative, and sometimes unique ways of popping the question. Don't stress though guys! Here are a few ...


Romantic, Boho, Pastel, Floral Goddesses: Current Trends To Make You Swoon.

Throughout the years there have been many wedding trends that have caught our eye. This year has been no exception. Some of our favorite trends to date have been popping up all over social media. These days it seems, women are going more and more for that "bridal look" and less for the "sexy bride". We are seeing a lot ...