Behind The Scenes with Our Assistant Director

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There are thousands and thousands of details that go into planning a wedding. From communicating with husbands and wives-to-be, to deciding upon décor, to negotiating with vendors, to the physical work that comes with the day-of the event, hundreds of man-hours go into planning a wedding.

Oriana Fowler Photography

Oriana Fowler Photography

We sat down and spoke with Wedding Nosara’s Assistant Wedding Director, Laura Poneroff. Read along as she shares what it’s like behind the scenes of a destination wedding.


Wedding Nosara Blogger Jamine: You’ve been planning weddings for years, what is the difference between planning from a large venue in the United States and the type of planning you are currently doing at Weddings Nosara?

Laura PoneroffAssistant Director Laura: At my previous job, our clients booked their own vendors. It was my job was to fit all of the things they picked into the space and make it work. At Weddings Nosara we do a job from start to finish. This approach leaves for much less damage control at the end because fewer things are overlooked and it is much less stressful for everyone

WNBJ: What would you say is the main difference between a traditional hometown wedding and a destination wedding in Nosara?

ADL: Here in Costa Rica, it is important to understand things happen on a different timeline. In North America when you contract with a vendor for a specific service, they are legally bound however here in Costa Rica that is not necessarily the case and there is no legal guarentee. Therefore, our work is based on relationship. We have a network of suppliers and vendors that we have longtime positive relationships with. They need us and we need them. These relationships are crafted and created over years of successful co-event planning. LANGUAGE

WNBJ: Do you ever have clients that come to you after they have attempted to plan an event on their own… remotely?

ADL: Yes and they find it very difficult to get responses in a timeframe they are used to. They also find it frustrating to find what they need because not everything is on the internet.

WNBJ: What is the difference between a couple (or individual) planning an event on their own or hiring Weddings Nosara to do it?

ADL: Unless you live in Costa Rica and know all of the hidden gems where you find all of the little necessities, trying to plan an event, let alone a wedding, will be extremely time consuming and frustrating. By hiring Weddings Nosara for your wedding, you are receiving years of research, expertise, and most importantly piece of mind.

WNBJ: From the time when you are first contracted for a job to the time when you the event is finished, how many hours would you estimate is spent working on one event?

ADL: It depends on the size of the event of course, but as an example, the average wedding takes 250 hours from start to finish. When you consider all of the work that goes into the week of; rehearsal dinner, set-up, and break down, it surprises me that it’s only that much!

WNBJ: I’ve seen you and Alexa in action, spending almost two hours deciding a look for a table setting, is this your usual work ethic? What are you trying to accomplish when you are being so meticulous making these choices?

ADL: Yes, that is typical. We want things to look a certain way. This is based upon what the bride has given us for a guideline and what we are given to work with. The tablescape, which is what you are referring to, is a reflection of not only the bride and groom and their vision, but also our aesthetic as creative professionals. It represents all of us as a combined group and we take our time to make sure it is absolutely spot on.

WNBJ: What would you say is the biggest thing behind the scenes that goes unrecognized when it comes to planning a destination wedding or event?

ADL: Aside from the countless hours we spend following up with vendors and the hours spent meticulously going over schedules and timelines, researching new vendors and suppliers, colour combinations, etc., I would say the biggest thing are the trips we take into San Jose to gather everything we need. These trips are for 2-3 days, they are non-stop, sometimes with a driver, and they enlist our entire staff. It is costly, busy, and time expansive!

Laura, Alexa, & Jamine on a pre-wedding San Jose trip

Laura, Alexa, & Jamine on a pre-wedding San Jose trip

WNBJ: What is your favorite part about your job?

ADL: I am an extrovert so I gain energy from being amongst people, but the best part of my job is being a part of such a special moment. The reward lies in being a part of delivering a dream; helping to make it come true. I really love that part of my job.

WNBJ: Thank you for talking with Weddings Nosara Blog! I’ll be seeing a lot of you this season, I suspect!

ADL: *laughs* Thank you! Of course you will, you’re part of our staff!

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