Will You Marry Me?

Nowadays it’s not just about having a beautiful wedding story to tell, but also having a beautiful wedding PROPOSAL story as well! Men everywhere seem to be setting the bar very high these days with their romantic, creative, and sometimes unique ways of popping the question. Don’t stress though guys! Here are a few trending ideas, as well as some unique ones that might get you thinking!

One man, Mike Wakefield, hailing from the U.K., proposed to his long time beach-loving girlfriend by creating a massive artistic display (30×15 feet to be exact!) on their favorite beach. Using a rake, Mike was able to draw a gorgeous and unique design in the sand which, of course, included the ever popular question, “Will you marry me?” The whole process took about two hours. No surprise, she said yes!


Note to men thinking of doing this: Be careful of the tides and plan accordingly! You wouldn’t want all that hard work getting washed away before your big moment!

One of my personal favorites is when this man, Isaac Lamb, proposed to his girlfriend, Amy. He surprised her when more than 60 family and friends came together to do a large dance number to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars (complete with a marching band!) As the song and dance ended, Isaac came out of the crowd in a sharp looking suit, getting down on one knee in front of everyone. Swoon!


After the yes from Amy, and a Youtube post, Isaac’s wildly creative proposal went viral, and is now dubbed by many as being one of the best marriage proposal’s of all time.

Another creative idea if you are into dance routines, is the ever-popular Flash-Mob proposal. If you aren’t sure of what a Flash-Mob is, it is when you take your future fiancé out somewhere very public (and very crowded), and suddenly music fills the air, and all of the “strangers” that make up the crowd around you start doing a choreographed dance number. Props to you if you can join them before popping the question!


This guy Flash-mobbed his way into his girlfriend’s heart forever!

Here is another one that is trending big time: sporting event proposals. Imagine a crowd of thousands rooting for you! Now guys, I know for most of you this is a very tempting idea, but make sure you really think of your girlfriend first before going ahead and asking this way. It is cute and fun, but unless she is a die hard sports fan or you both met at a game, save the sporting events for a really great date.


Two sox fans enjoy the best game of their lives. He sure hit a homerun!

This husband to be, Dave, took his long-time girlfriend, Cassie, on a surprise sunset cruise aboard a private charter out of Cape Cod. Right as the sun was going down, he asked her to marry him. Of course she accepted, and they celebrated with champagne, fruits, and cheeses that the captain brought up from below deck after the proposal. Que Romantico!


Cassie and Dave share a blissful moment on the docks after his ultra-romantic proposal at sea.

A couple I know celebrated their engagement after he took her to a lovely candle-lit heart in the sand. It was located at a beach he had been going to all his life, and the beach where they first met. After she said yes, they sat down for a glass of wine and a romantic dinner for two.


Now that’s what I call a candlelit dinner!

Here are just some detailed ideas, of course there are so many creative options out there, and even websites, that list hundreds of spectacular ideas that will leave your wife-to-be feeling breathless and the luckiest gal in the world. Keep reading if you would like a few more ideas…

*For the couple who loves nature – lead her to a beautiful secluded location and surprise her with an amazing picnic! Propose at the end of your meal, and take out a bottle of champagne and strawberries to celebrate! Or: Hike up a mountain together. When you get to the top and she’s taking in the views, declaring how she’s never seen anything so beautiful, you’ll know what to say before presenting that ring.

*For the Foodie couple – take her to your favorite fancy restaurant. Make sure the staff knows ahead of time about your proposal plans. This is where you can get creative, displaying the ring on a plate of food, in the table’s floral centerpiece, on a intricate dessert display, or, if you happen to be in an Asian restaurant, the fortune cookie never fails! 😉

*For the Animal lover couple – Have your kitty or pooch do the honors with the ring around the neck, a collar that pops the question, a sign around the neck, or a cute little animal sweater that says “Will you marry my Daddy?”

*For the Traveling couple – Do some research and find the most romantic place to take your fiancé in whichever city you are visiting. (Think: The Eiffel tower or the lock bridge in Paris.) When you can really feel that romance is in the air, it’s time to get down on one knee!

Hope we were able to give you some nice ideas for your future proposal! If you are still stumped check out howheasked.com or theknot.com . Both of these sites offer some more great ideas. Good luck and congratulations!


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