Nosara’s Beautiful Beaches For A Beach Wedding

One of the things we love about working destination weddings is that the majority of our brides want a beach wedding. There is something so beautiful and carefree about a ceremony on the beach; perfectly formed waves breaking behind you, a warm breeze gently blowing through your hair, soft sand in between your toes, and the sounds of the sea singing it’s sweet music in your ears.

Working out of Nosara, Costa Rica, we are beyond blessed to have access to so many gorgeous beaches in our area. Here is a rundown of some of the top beaches we like to use as the setting for our couples big day.

Playa Guiones – Of the numerous beaches in Nosara, many would consider Playa Guiones the most popular. Guiones boasts a pristine white sandy stretch of beach 7 kilometers long, and some of the best surf breaks in Guanacaste. Due to it’s length, this beach is perfect for a nice long walk or run. At the far south end, great tide pools made from volcanic rock show up at low tide. Continuing past the tide pools you’ll come across Playa Rosada, a small pink sand beach that is only accessible when the tide is out. Playa Guiones is in the heart of Nosara, with the easiest access to many amazing restaurants, shops, and hotels. If you or your hubby-to-be are avid surfers, or just enjoy watching them ride the waves, Playa Guiones may be a great pick for you. Be forewarned though, as beautiful as it is, Guiones can sometimes be the most crowded of the beaches due to it’s popularity and excellent surf.


Playa Pelada – Though the beaches in our area are beautiful, Playa Pelada is thought by many to be the most gorgeous (and our personal favorite) of them all! With it’s curving, palm tree lined beachfront tucked away between Punta Nosara and Punta Guiones, this beach is paradise. Brightly painted fishing boats line the shore as well; a testament to Pelada’s fishing community. These make for amazing photo ops for after the ceremony! The North End of Playa Pelada is usually the least populated (sometimes there is no one there at all!) while the South End has the blowhole, a hole in the rocks that when the tide is just right, shoots a geyser of water high into the air (another wonderful photo op if you are lucky)! Pelada also has two great restaurants, La Luna and Olga’s Bar. Both are right on the beach and offer beautiful water views and delicious food. La Luna is a favorite by many of our brides. It makes for a great location to hold your reception. Playa Pelada is considered to be more of a locals beach thus making it usually less populated than Playa Guiones. If you’re a bride that wants a more intimate ceremony with great photo opportunities, Pelada may the right choice for you.



Playa Garza – A ten minute drive from Playa Guiones lands you in Garza, a small fishing community the next town over. Playa Garza is a small, scenic white sand beach, tucked between two big cliffs on both ends. It has a very laid-back atmosphere, and is usually a very quiet beach to pass the time and relax under one of the many palm trees that line the shore. Due to it’s great fishing, many boats are moored in the shallows making for a pretty backdrop for your ceremony. On the beach are two local bar and restaurants, Don Quixote and Barco Del Amor. Although not the fanciest of places, many couples like to use these locations for their reception due to their fun, traditional atmosphere, bright paint colors that adorn the walls, and amazing ocean views. Playa Garza also is home to some of the best and freshest ceviche in the area (a possible food offering at your reception?). This beach is perfect for the couple who wants a more traditional Costa Rican vibe to their wedding in a laid back atmosphere.


Playa Ostional – North of Nosara’s beaches is the beautiful beach, Playa Ostional. This long 15 km black sand beach is the nesting place to thousands of Olive Ridely turtles each year. If you’re lucky, you may get to see the arribada (arrival) of these magnificent creatures as they come onshore to lay their eggs, or of the babies returning to the sea after hatching. This beach is quite magical due to these natural sites. Located in the quaint town of Ostional, there are only a few small local bars and restaurants. With so much beach and a quiet community, Ostional makes for a very intimate ceremony. This beach would be perfect for a couple who are nature enthusiasts, due to the fact that Playa Ostional is part of a Wildlife Refuge, and surrounded by many different types of plants and animals. Even if you don’t choose Playa Ostional as the location for your big day, it is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss, especially during turtle season!


All of our beaches bring something special to our beautiful home of Nosara, Costa Rica. Whichever  location you choose is the right one for you, you can be sure that it will make a spectacular backdrop for your happily ever after!


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