Keep The Bouquet…Or Toss It?

After the bouquet toss, when your lucky female guest catches your bouquet of flowers, then proceeds to give it back to you so you can keep it after the wedding, many brides are scratching their heads as to what exactly to do with it or how to preserve it. Because it’s so symbolic of the day, bouquets are usually hung upside down in a breezeway to dry because most brides just don’t have the heart to throw it away.bouquet toss We are here to give you a couple alternative (and possibly more creative) ideas as to what to do with your bouquet after the big day. Unfortunately for some brides, the hanging of the bouquet in a doorway idea doesn’t always work out. This is largely dependent on what type of flowers you have in your bouquet. Some flowers just dry out better than others. If you decide to go with this traditional flower preservation method, I would look into how well it will work for your  particular flower arrangement. I have seen some brides post things like “all of the petals just fell off” or “it started to smell’. Clearly, they didn’t do their research before attempting this method and they probably didn’t end up keeping those bouquets.

bouquet 1

An option that I am a big fan of is to pull different flowers out of your bouquet and press them, or if your bouquet is a bit smaller you can press the whole thing. Once you have let them press for some time, take them out, and put them in a nice frame. If you pulled flowers out of your bouquet, it may not be arranged like it was on your wedding day, but they come out beautifully and almost always keep their color.


You can also take your flowers and press or dry them and make an ornament out of them. I like this idea because it’s perfect for a decoration for your house, or a “First Christmas As Man & Wife” ornament that you can also give as a gift to your parents and his for the holidays.


There are many sites out there that do freeze drying of bouquets. These come out fabulous and  the bouquets usually keep their color and shape. Many of these sites offer shadow boxes that your bouquet stays in where you can even put a picture or two along with it from your wedding. One of the sites that is a favorite among many brides using this method is www.preserveyourflowers.com.   Word to the wise, at $319 and up, these shadow boxes aren’t exactly cheap! (But how cute are they?!)


Some brides choose not to keep the bouquet, but just make sure the photographer takes a couple really nice close up shots of it, then they simply frame it in their house along with some wedding photos. Another alternative if you are okay with parting with your bouquet is to go onto  Etsy.com and type in wedding bouquet illustrations. What will pop up are all different artists that specialize in painting or drawing bouquets for brides. This is a great alternative for someone who wants something creative and sentimental but doesn’t want to keep dried up flowers in their house forever.

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Finally, one very fun and creative idea that is different from the rest, is to take your bouquet along with you on your honeymoon, and take pictures of it in different places that you visit while you are away. This will be a nice little addition to your wedding album. Whatever you decide to do with that beautiful bouquet, just make some memories! <3


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